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If you really want to get laid with girl, you have to take every measure that you can. One of the best methods would be to pretend someone that you’re not. For instance, you can pretend to be a cabby, which means to say you are going to drive an actual taxi, rent one for a day, or for as many days as you want to get laid. You stay on your post and when someone approaches you, tell them you are on reserve, waiting for someone until you find the most appealing girl to you. This is how it goes with one of my most favorites porn sites called the Fake Taxi.


Once you have her in the cab, tell her that you have an offer or if you’re lucky enough, she might be pretending that she has left her wallet home and therefore doesn’t have anything to pay you. Either way, you offer her a free ride for a fuck. Our wise, sly guy does it this way and he’s always lucky enough. You’ll come to realize that girls are willing to put out so long as they get something really nice in return, be it the exorbitant cost of a taxi ride.

Take her anywhere she wants to go, so long as you get to fuck her first the way our hero does in this epic porn site, a daily journey towards horny fulfillment. He never fails and the most beautiful thing is the fact that this is actually a reality porn site – all the girls here were only sought for their permission after the video has been recorded. And why they agree on it? They are offered money for posting the video making them instant riches.

Yes, the company does pay that much and you would feel like diving into their business too. But sorry, exclusive for girls. You could always try to go his way, though, renting a taxi cab and pretend that you’re a cabby yourself. 650 videos have already been made and posted for all subscribers out there. These are 60 to 90 minute videos and they are already cut, you are taken to the most essential parts that can really buildup the story line that you’re rooting for all the way to the epic sex scenes inside the cab.

There are no photo galleries here, but what does it matter so long as you can stream and download in full HD reality porn videos that will really satiate your hungers. Go all the way for Fake Taxi.