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If you say that the pain inside still hurts, then you must have found and lost, your one true love. But rather than wallowing into this kind of sadness, I would prefer it that you go back to your memory lane to check and see what there is in store for you to be happy. Ooh, check it out we’ve got the college days. What about it? Well, wasn’t it the best time of your life? Four or maybe five years of freedom while forging yourself into something big. All the while fucking your crushes and slating them into your record book. The point I’m saying is nothing can be better than college. In truth, College Rules and you know what I mean by that.


It is never easy to choose a good porn site, all right, but I guess maybe if you look a little deeper inside you, stay a little longer where you think memories can be had, then you would find the answer to your perennial longings. And then at some point you will remember ah the college days have always been so perfect and there is no denying that. Now, you can finally get to reminisce those days with the awesome streaming entity which is College Rules. They have got all the cool stuff going for you, all the beer pong nights, all the dorm betting games, all the after exam celebrations and all the weekend schoolies. There’s a lot more to it than you can remember and you should allow this porn giant to take you to what you have long forgotten for it will bring your soul back to the vivacious thing it once was.

This porn site is something I personally find to be like nothing else in the adult industry can ever be. The company with its creations is authentic is every way possible. Later on it came to my senses holy shit these are all real life videos I’m watching. Real life college folks fucking each other in hot white nights. It’s epic, I’m tellin’ ya and there’s more of ’em comin’. What also came to my liking is the fact that the participants in the videos are all paid, whether they seek it or not. So long as they made a submission for money or for fun and infamy, they get their money either way. There are currently 670 plus videos that you can watch through their database right now and that’s a big expansion from its originally 80-video long list. Or maybe it’s a short list, but you get the point.

You have more to unravel with College Rules and I’m tellin’ ya’ you’re one hell of a lucky bastard, mate. Then again, I remain excited with the fact that they update their sites with at least 20 new submissions every month and I’m not even halfway through their legendary database just yet. All videos are in HD and they all make me happy. That’s something I know for sure.